Saturday, October 1, 2011

Good News at last

After almost a fortnight, in Intensive Care, Martin was transferred last night to the High Dependency Unit on the Transplant Ward..
His first, almost legible words to me were "I could murder a Pint" I gave him an ice cube.
He is very weak and unable to move himself, but hopefully, with physio his mobility will slowly return.
I just wanted to show you a picture of our lovely Taff. She is a blond Briard.
Up until a few months ago she was groomed every 4 weeks by Natasha. Then Natasha went on Maternity leave. I must take a photo of how she looks now. She has not had much{read any} grooming from me as I have been spending so much time at the Hospital.
Crafting with love
Cally x

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