Thursday, October 27, 2011

Relax. What's that?

What a busy day I had yesterday! Flu jab followed by a colour match for a tooth cap then to the bank to sort out my account. What a waste of time the latter was. When I have more time I must get that sorted properly.
A Registrar from the transplant team wanted to speak with me yesterday. Martin has a CMV virus, a member of the herpes family that 50% of the population carry. We live with it and it does not trouble us, not until your immune system goes down as in a transplant patient.
It is also suspected that a fungus called aspergillus has taken up residence in Martin's lungs, and that is very bad news. The secretions that are being removed from his lungs are a dreadful colour.
He has been given a course of immunoglobulin that was flown in from Germany, we don't have this particular one here.
The ICU Consultant, tonight, said "take one day at a time"

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  1. Please remember to try your best to look after yourself and keep yourself well as you need to be strong for Martin. Thinking of you both.
    x x Cousin Pat


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