Friday, October 14, 2011

As promised

Martin was still away having his scan when I arrived at Addenbrooks this afternoon. It was a Positive Emission Tomography Scan {PET Scan} and takes 3 hours to complete.
His nurse, David, was able to tell me about a few things that had been spotted. Firstly a swelling in the esophagus. Since a short time after the transplant Martin has been complaining that he could not swallow properly. Several endoscopy's have not indicated any problem!!!
They also saw what looked like several pockets of infection.
So far we know he has pseudomonus in his eye and a resistant form of enterococcus. Now they have swabbed the poor chap north, south, east and west.
David explained Martin had had a very bad night and the ICU Consultant had been called in to help. His lungs had filled with fluid and that was dealt with by the chest physio and a diuretic.
Let's hope he has a better night tonight.
If Martin is stable tomorrow I have booked to go to a Little Claire Workshop at K2 Crawley with my good chum Marion. 

Crafting with love 
Cally x

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  1. Hi Cally,
    it sounds as though you and Martin have been having a tough time...I so hope things have improved for him and he starts to feel better real soon....Hope you have a lovely time at your workshop if you get to go....Take care...
    Mandy x


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