Saturday, October 8, 2011

Demo Day

I am treating myself to an hour or two at In2crafting this morning in the company of Lindsay Mason . 
She is doing a Demo Day there and I am looking forward to seeing her again, a very talented lady.
Martin is still very poorly. They transferred him from Intensive Care to  High Dependency on the Transplant Ward.
He sleeps most of the time. Has to be hoisted out of bed for the Physios to help him. His speech is minimal.
Where will it all end? He did agree to be shaved on Wednesday (hasn't had a shave since he went in for his transplant on 14th July) If I hadn't known it was Martin in that bed I would have walked past him in the street.

This is a card I made at a Workshop with my lovely friend, Lynne Salmon at
I sent it to Ray and Eunice when they moved into their new house.

Crafting with love
Cally x


  1. Hi Cally,
    I'm so sorry to hear that Martin is not doing so good,I hope things have improved for him now....Did you have a good day at the Demo????...Beautiful card...
    Mandy x

  2. Thinking about you Cally always :) glad you made use of the card
    big, big hugs
    Lynne xxxx

  3. Loving your card designs, take care, Doreen x


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