Sunday, October 2, 2011

From Bad to Worse

This is how she looks today. Scruffy, but happy. She hates being groomed.

I really hoped, when Martin was transferred to the HDU on the Transplant Ward, that things were getting better. For the last two nights he has been put on a machine that forces oxygen into the lungs. And now, it is thought, he had a silent M I last night because of the troponin in his blood stream.
I have been warned that when I visit this afternoon he may well be back in Intensive Care.

This is a lovely card that I made at a workshop and sent to my best friend, Wendy.
We share soooo many secrets that not being "best friends" is not an option ;0)


  1. Cally your card is a corker! sorry to hear Martin is still poorly. I hope you are well and think of you all the time! Spoke to Fred yesterday at Lynnes and we both said how much we were thinking of you! xxxxx Woo xxxxx

  2. Hi Cally,
    I am so sorry I've not been by for so long but life threw problems my way again,not as bad as yours I know,they just stop me blogging/crafting as much....I so hope Martin is doing good today and things start to get better for your both....Gorgeous card,love the image....And I know what you mean about best friends,they know far to much about us and to many secrets not to be...My best friend I've known all my life so we really do know everything!!!!,good and bad....Anyway hope this afternoon's visit brings better news...Take care...Oh and how's that adorable Grand-daughter doing???....
    Mandy x


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