Saturday, October 22, 2011

Martin's progress

This afternoon I went to visit Martin with two of our sons and my Sister. He has now been sedated and intubated as he was finding breathing very difficult, his lungs being full of secretions.
The dialysis seems to be going well. His platelet level (clotting) is very low and this stops the machine from clogging up. 
Whilst we were there he had a chest x-ray and a procedure (bronchoscopy) to wash the secretions from his lungs. This involved going into his lungs with a camera to check out what is happening. His heart rate is very low now, it had been very high. All the staff are very kind and answer any question I pose.
Unless things change dramatically over night I hope to go to Hyde Hall (RHS Garden) in the morning to blow away a few cobwebs. And, eat a slice of Chocolate Cake all to myself. Martin and I always shared a slice on a Sunday morning.
Thank you for dropping by.
Cally x

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