Monday, August 22, 2011

Mae Rose

Here we have a photo of our new Granddaughter and the card I made for Bret and Gemma.
I went to visit Gemma and Mae Rose at Southend Hospital yesterday.
Martin was transferred from high dependency on Friday afternoon to the Transplant Ward. A step in the right direction I hope.

Mae Rose on her way home. Sorry I can't work out how to turn the photo round.

Crafting with love
Cally x


  1. Cally - what lovely photos - Mae is beautiful you must all be so proud.
    Really good news about Martin now - let's hope everything is up from now on.
    Take care and lots of love to you all
    'fred (who still can't post by name only anonymous!) x

  2. Hi Cally,
    Aww she's beautiful...Great news about your hubby,I hope things continue to improve for him...
    Big hugs to you all...Oh gorgeous card as well....
    Mandy x


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