Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Freezer

Today I finished emptying my big freezer. The bin men come tomorrow and the rest has gone in the recycling bin. I did all the fish last week but put that in frozen so it wouldn't smell tooooo bad.
In the morning I must gird my loins {whatever that is} and defrost the big white smelly monster. Thank goodness I have a huge packet of Bicarb.
Martin had an endoscopy and ileostomy this morning. During the night his abdominal drain fell out {I suspect mischief there} and his nasogastric tube came out whilst he was having a shower. He claims he coughed then sneezed and it fell on the floor. Bear in mind this was taped to his nose and goes all the way into his stomach {more mischief?}

This card is one I made for a Sketch Challenge {my very first attempt at one} at In2crafting. Wickford.

I made this card a couple of years ago for my friend Roz. One of her dear Basset Hounds passed away and I liked the idea of a rainbow.

Happy crafting
Cally x

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