Monday, August 8, 2011

I'm so excited

I have my first follower. Though not a lot to follow really. Ive no idea how to go forward with the blog.

The company, Bennet's of Chadwell St Mary, have not turned up, yet again, to carry on with work on the drive. If they let me know they were not coming I would not have to get up so early:0( It has "only" been 3 weeks so why am I worried.
I can't park my Mini in the garage and yesterday afternoon, 2 little local horrors, thought it ok to try and relieve me of my dust caps. Luckily, I was in the kitchen and spotted them. I waited until they sauntered past and requested they return my property. The excuse was " I am skint, my family are skint, I just wanted to get some money" They can't have been more than 8 or 9. If that is the attitude what will they be like in a few years time?
Martin is poorly again. He was sent for another CT Scan this afternoon, to try to find the cause of his high temperature, and fluid is still in the abdominal cavity, so they have popped in another drain. The last one only came out Thursday. The endoscopy and ileoscopy planned for this afternoon have been postponed until tomorrow morning. It sounds like neither the new stomach or the new intestines are working, not rejecting, just being bone idle.
Now the reason for my excitement. I have won some blog candy from Crafty Fox. I don't know what it is but it will be a surprise, yippee. Thank you Mandy, as soon as I find help with the blog I will post you on the sidebar.
Cally x
Wow, I may have been able to add a picture.
I made this card for my nephew, Jonny, a poker player no less. He assures me he wins more than he looses.

I love the red and green combo here. This was inspired by a workshop I did with the lovely Di over on

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