Friday, August 12, 2011

Fraught Friday!

The Man from Bennetts called this morning and said he would be round for his money. I was very brave and said there was no way I could pay in cash. And, I wanted him to check out the work before I paid.
When he arrive I showed him the mess the men had left in the garage and told him they had pinched some beer.
He tidied up the mess and swept some more sand in between the blocks. There is no way I can recommend them.
Martin has been away from his room most of the day having procedures {don't ask!} He is still very poorly and unable to eat. He did try tonight but it all came back. He was scheduled to see the Micro-biologists this morning but missed them as he was in Ultrasound for hours, I kid you not. The M-B people can prescribe different antibiotics but need to review his history first. That was with him in Ultrasound.

Another card I made a long while ago. I do hope Seth can get the photo's off of my other phone as I am running out of cards to post. I will end up showing holiday snaps at this rate!!
Now for a blog for everyone to check out Hope you like it.
Crafting with love
Cally x


  1. Love your cards Cally - isn't it strange though how different styles we have made over the years. I'm in the process of sorting mt "stuff" and am now inspired by things bought many years ago. With love 'fred x

  2. Holiday snaps would be great! Don't worry about it.
    Hope this comment arrives as last one seems to have got lost somewhere. Must find out how to become a follower.
    Take care
    Love Veronica

  3. Ah ha! Think I have cracked it! V


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