Sunday, November 13, 2011

What a beautiful day today

Dear friends
Thank you for bearing with me. Things have been a bit hectic.
On Monday I was contacted by the Coroner's Office. Addenbrooks Hospital had been unable to issue a Death Certificate as the cause of Martin's death was unsure. So the Coroner requested a Post-mortem.
My sons and I made what arrangements we could for Martin's Funeral but a date could not be fixed.
Tuesday, the Coroner's Office called again to say that following the autopsy no definite cause of death could be established. An Inquest has been opened and adjourned awaiting the results of the tests that have to be done on the samples taken.
In the meantime an Interim Death Certificate has been issued so that we can go ahead with Martin's Funeral.
I spent today in the place we call Martin's Garden. Martin was not a gardener and until recently could not distinguish between a Daff and a Tulip.
We have a parcel of "wild land" at one side of our house. Over the last several years we have been turning it into a lovely place for wild life. I have been eradicating the bramble that overran the ground and killed of all the bluebells that used to flourish.
I have planted the ground with lots of Spring Bulbs and native perennials. The Digitalis (Martin's favourite), aquilegia, primrose, cowslips and evening primrose I have already established. Thank goodness it was such a lovely day.
Cally x

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  1. Hi Cally,
    Sounds like you've had quite a week,but how lovely to have your garden which sounds lovely to remember your husband....Hope this week is better for you....Take care...
    Mandy x


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