Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Tooth trouble

What a morning I had. After 3 attempts (covering several months) at trying to persuade a tooth implant to stay on my Dentist gave up and ordered me a cap for an upper pre-molar. I went last week and had a colour match and today the cap was delivered to the dentist and she fitted it. "Just bite on that" she said, I obliged, and snapped the tooth in half. Amazement all round "That has never happened before" exclaimed a shocked dentist. The dental nurse found it most amusing. The Dental Lab was phoned "That has never happened before" was repeated. I am now sporting a funny looking excuse for a pre-molar (a molar sized down) until we can have another go next week. Fingers crossed.

 This is my most recent project. I made them at a workshop with Sharon on Tuesday. Sorry I have not worked out how to turn the photo round.

The red one is intended as a gift for Ying, one of Martin's ICU nurses who is leaving on Friday to work at Harlow Hospital. I wish her loads of luck.
I still have to make a box for it.

Martin had an MRI Scan on his brain today. All looks ok there. So still no answer as to why he is not waking up.
This was shortly followed by an Ultrasound on his liver. The Doctor said there was no obvious problem but he was going to look at the results more carefully on his computer.
I am hoping to meet with the Transplant Team tomorrow and find out where we go from here.
Crafting with love
Cally x

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