Saturday, September 24, 2011

Update and card

I really don't know where to start.
I had hoped, when I went to Addenbrooks yesterday morning, that there might be a slight improvement. Martin had been put on dialysis to help clear the ammonia from his bloodstream. The machine had clogged after 12 hours and it was not put back on until 4.30pm yesterday.
The ammonia levels had been reduced slightly.
The liver would normally pick up the ammonia in the bloodstream and change it into Urea {check you beauty products girls, lots of them contain Urea!!!} It is then returned to the bloodstream, where the kidneys pick it up, and, out it pops when we have a wee.
Martin was pre-comma when he was sedated and put onto a ventilator on Monday. They have tried to take him off the ventilator, but when they reduce sedation he becomes very agitated  and will not respond to simple instructions.
This is a card that I made at a Workshop with, I believe, my lovely friend Sharon. She will slap me if I an incorrect.
I gave it to my Brother-in Law, Tim, yesterday along with a pair of "Gold  Leaf" gardening gloves. For any gardeners out there - the gloves are fab. They are made of the softest leather, but, really protect your hands.

Crafting with love
Cally x

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  1. This is gorgeous one gorgeous card fabulous colouring.
    My thoughts are with you,

    Hugs Bridget :0) x


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